Whirlwind couple of weeks for Russell

Whirlwind couple of weeks for Russell

SEATTLE -- On May 11, the Padres recalled reliever Adam Russell from their Triple-A affiliate, the Portland Beavers. Four days later, Russell was on his way back to Portland.

Then, on Thursday, Russell was recalled again from Portland and added to the roster when outfielder Kyle Blanks went on the disabled list with a strained right elbow.

So Russell, by his own guess, went from Portland to San Diego, then from San Diego to Nashville -- where Portland was playing -- and back to Portland, only to be recalled again and sent to Los Angeles on Thursday where the Padres were playing.

"I'm really racking up the frequent-flier miles," Russell joked.

Russell understands the team often gets in a roster crunch and that he's often the odd-man out because he had Minor League options. He's found some solace in knowing the move hasn't been made because of performance issues.

"It's not the position you want to be in ... you want to be here contributing," said Russell, who has allowed only one hit in 5 2/3 scoreless innings in four games with San Diego this season.

It's not an unfamiliar position for Russell, who bounced back and forth between Triple-A Charlotte and the Chicago White Sox 12 times during the 2008 season.