Venable has eyes on the prize

Venable has eyes on the prize

MIAMI -- Not long after the end of last season, Will Venable's girlfriend, Kathryn, had a simple observation that got the Padres outfielder thinking.

"She said that I might want to ask someone about my [day-night] splits ... because they were so drastic," Venable said.

Venable hit .385 in day games with a .667 slugging percentage in 2009, but .209 in night games with a .358 slugging percentage.

Venable intended to see an ophthalmologist, but Spring Training rolled around and he never got the chance.

When that drastic split began to play out again this season, Venable decided to see an ophthalmologist, this time at the urging of the team.

Venable found out he didn't have "anything wrong with my eyes" though he was fitted for a pair of glasses to wear occasionally to help strengthen his eyes. Venable said that he's also doing eye exercises, as well.

He's been wearing the glasses off and on for the past month, too soon, he said, to know if they're really helping him.

That said, in his last six games, Venable is hitting .350 with three home runs, including a two-run shot in Friday's 3-0 victory over the Marlins. He's also knocked in 10 runs over that span.

This season, Venable is hitting .303 in day games with a .545 slugging percentage. But in night games -- and the Padres, like every other team in baseball, play more night games -- he's hitting .213 with a .353 slugging percentage.