Gwynn returns after battling neck soreness

Gwynn returns after battling neck soreness

LOS ANGELES -- Padres outfielder Tony Gwynn, who wasn't available in Wednesday's game against the Dodgers, said he has learned an important lesson after sleeping on a bad pillow left him with a sore neck.

"I'm definitely going to take one on the road now," Gwynn said. "With all the places that we go on the road, you can't think like it's going to be like home."

Gwynn, who was back in the starting lineup on Thursday, said that he awoke Wednesday at the team hotel with a sore neck. It was, he said, the result of sleeping awkwardly on a down pillow.

"I had a crick in my neck and I knew it was going to be rough," Gwynn said. " ... By the time the game came around, I had been going through spasms."

Gwynn even had trouble taking batting practice for the simple fact that he could not turn his head without pain.

"By the end of yesterday, I barely wanted to move," he said.