Gwynn hopes to return if Friars make playoffs

Gwynn hopes to return if Friars make playoffs

SAN DIEGO -- Tony Gwynn has already done the math on when he could return from his broken hand if the average six-week recovery time holds true.

"Six weeks from surgery is Oct. 1," Gwynn said. "I already looked at it, so that's what I'm shooting for. If I get back earlier, that's even better."

Gwynn was back in the Padres' clubhouse on Tuesday sporting a cast on his right hand and arm after undergoing surgery on Friday to repair a broken hook of the hamate bone.

The outfielder has been encouraged by how the injury has responded since the procedure, and he remains confident that he will be able to return to action in October if the Padres earn a postseason berth.

"They told me to expect some numbness the first couple days [after surgery], and I had that in and out the first day and I haven't had it since," Gwynn said. "Usually when you're hurt, you just try to find all kinds of positives about what's going on that is an indication that you might be a quick heal, so I'm trying to use that. I've had movement of my hand the entire time and I haven't had any pain doing it."

Gwynn said he has not been able to do much baseball-wise since the surgery because he is not supposed to let the cast get wet. But, that cast may come off on Wednesday, which means he could then resume physical activities.

The outfielder originally injured his hand while taking a swing during last Wednesday's game against the Cubs and needed three X-rays taken by a hand specialist in Chicago before the break in the hamate bone was discovered.

"I'm not a doctor [and] don't look at very many X-rays, but when I saw it, I knew it was broken," Gwynn said.

The injury was later confirmed by a specialist in San Diego before Gwynn had the surgery to remove the broken piece and shave the remaining portion of the bone down so it wouldn't damage the tendons in the hand.

Gwynn was batting .212 with 17 stolen bases prior to the injury, but is regarded as one of the best defensive center fielders in the game.