Bench coach Renteria has follow-up procedure

Bench coach Renteria has follow-up procedure

SAN DIEGO -- Padres bench coach Rick Renteria didn't get much of a chance to enjoy his off-day Thursday, as he was in Phoenix to have a follow-up procedure done on his mouth.

Renteria was struck in the mouth on March 3 after a line drive glanced off a protective screen and hit him. The force of the ball pushed back his upper teeth and he needed to have his maxillary bone -- also known as the mustache bone -- repaired.

Renteria, remarkably, didn't lose any teeth in the incident.

On Thursday, Renteria had the arch bar that was aiding the healing of the bone removed.

Renteria is still limited to what he can eat and does most of his chewing on either side of his mouth.

"In a month, I look forward to eating some good stuff," he said.

Renteria was moving a protective screen during batting practice at the Spring Training facility in Arizona when a line drive was hit directly at him. Renteria figured the mesh netting of the screen would catch the ball. But the ball glanced off a metal pole on the screen and hit him flush in the face.