Black: 'Room to talk' on moving PETCO fences

Black: 'Room to talk' on moving PETCO fences

Black: 'Room to talk' on moving PETCO fences
SAN DIEGO -- For whatever reason, the Padres have struggled to hit since returning home after scoring 55 runs in an eight-game road trip.

The problem for the Padres is, they aren't quite sure what's causing the offensive deficiency.

On Monday, Bud Black was asked what his stance was on moving in the PETCO Park fences.

"I think there's room for discussion," Black said, choosing his words carefully before taking a long pause and repeating himself. "I just think there's room to talk about it in our park."

Black didn't expand on what he said, but he hasn't been one to typically discuss the park's dimensions, even to that extent.

The topic has been brought up in recent days, however, and mostly avoided. Black doesn't think the park, which is notoriously difficult to hit for power in, has psyched out his players.

Left fielder Ryan Ludwick had some interesting thoughts on the park's dimensions on Saturday.

"I do feel much more comfortable in the box now than I have," Ludwick said. "When I got over here, I was so intimidated by right-center that I felt like I had to swing harder, and it's getting to the point now where I'm going to the plate and not worrying about it. It's the same game, it's just a different ballpark. See ball, hit ball.

"But I am a fly-ball hitter, I've been a fly-ball hitter my whole career so I've hit a lot of balls to the warning track here that might have been bombs other places, but you can't worry about it."

Driving the discussion is the Padres' statistics, which are drastically different at home, in comparison with their road numbers.

The teams' batting average is almost 50 points higher on the road (.252) than it is at home (.203), and the Padres have scored 57 runs in 26 home contests to 99 runs in 21 games on the road.

Black said he would be surprised if the discrepancy in those numbers were as great by the end of the season.