Moseley, Harang questionable for next starts

Moseley, Harang questionable for next starts

Moseley, Harang questionable for next starts
SAN DIEGO -- The Padres may have two starting pitchers miss their next scheduled starts.

Dustin Moseley has been on the fence for the last few days after he dislocated his left shoulder on June 8. Aaron Harang's next start is uncertain as he deals with pain in his right foot.

"We're giving [Moseley] and Harang time, because we don't need to tell the other players [who may start in their place] yet," manager Bud Black said. "There is a possibility that we might have a starter on Monday and we might have a starter on Tuesday different from Moseley and Harang."

Black was ready to declare Moseley out of his next start, and actually did, before Moseley interrupted Black's pregame session with the media.

"You just told them that?" Moseley asked. "Why?"

"Because it's not going to happen," Black responded.

"We'll talk later, Buddy," Moseley said.

Black said that interaction was enough to delay his decision. Moseley is going to play catch Saturday, and the team should have a decision on him and Harang by Sunday, before they head out to Colorado for the first leg of their road trip.

As for Harang, his foot pain dates back to his June 4 start against the Astros. He isn't sure when or how he injured his right foot, but he's been feeling it since.

He said it didn't bother him much in Thursday's start, and X-rays and an MRI exam came back negative.

"It's in the top, and I mean, it radiates through the foot every time I hit when I go to take off running," Harang said. "It kind of sends a quick shock through my foot."

Black mentioned Wade LeBlanc from Triple-A Tucson and other Minor Leaguers as possible replacements should Moseley or Harang not be able to go. He also has Cory Leubke as an option in the Padres' bullpen.