Harang likely to return after All-Star break

Harang likely to return after All-Star break

Harang likely to return after All-Star break
SAN DIEGO -- Aaron Harang may not pitch for the Padres until after the All-Star break.

Harang is suffering from a right foot contusion dating back to his June 4 start. Padres manager Bud Black said that a return before the All-Star break is doubtful.

"It hurts when he runs," Black said. "He was OK to pitch [which he did on June 9 before going on the disabled list], but he wasn't OK to run. He was in a lot of pain running."

Harang is in a walking shoe now that has a wooden sole, designed to keep the foot from bending. The Padres' 6-foot-7 right-hander has been able to throw. He threw off the mound in the bullpen before Sunday's game.

"I've been throwing and keeping my arm strength up so I'm not going to be behind when it comes back to getting ready to pitch," Harang said.

Harang made one start after he injured his foot. The pain bothered him when he was running, and by the end of the game it was clear it was bothering him a lot.

Harang hasn't done any running since then, although he's been able to do some cardio work.

"[I'm] taking it a day at a time," Harang said. "I've been on the bike a couple of days in a row, for at least half an hour, and the last three days I've been on the elliptical trainer for at least 25 minutes and it hasn't bothered me."

Harang has noticed some improvement in everyday activities and the stress associated with walking.

"It seems to be doing all right," he said. "I get up in the middle of the night and if I don't have [the shoe] on, I can walk and go the bathroom or whatever and it's not a big deal."

Of course that midnight excursion is nothing like a 90-foot sprint out of the batter's box to first base.

And getting to that point will still take a number of steps. The next likely will be working out in a regular cleat.

"I'm still wearing the boot when I'm working out," Harang said.