Padres not concerned with Stauffer's workload

Padres not concerned with Stauffer's workload

Padres not concerned with Stauffer's workload
LOS ANGELES -- By the end of the season, Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer will either come close to or more than double his innings output from a year ago.

Not that Stauffer is keeping close tabs on his innings, or is even the least bit concerned with the increased workload.

"Everything is going good. The delivery is the same," Stauffer said. "In years past, I have felt as good at the end of the season as I did at the beginning. For the most part, I've felt pretty consistent."

Stauffer leads the Padres in starts (27) and innings (166), heading into Tuesday's start against the Dodgers. A year ago, he threw 100 2/3 innings -- 82 2/3 while pitching for the Padres. The remainder of the innings came on a Minor League rehabilitation stint.

This season, Stauffer -- the Padres' Opening Day starter -- has made every outing in his first season with more than 14 starts at the big league level.

"I think I've missed maybe one bullpen [session between starts]," Stauffer said. "Going into the spring, my goal was to make every start. I'm happy with the durability and how I've bounced back."

The Padres might have more concern for Stauffer's arm if he were like, say, 23-year-old Mat Latos, who had his innings monitored closely last season.

But Stauffer is 29 and has already eclipsed the 150-inning mark in three prior seasons, while pitching in both the Majors and Minors.

In fact, Stauffer has allowed two runs or fewer in each of his past two starts.

"We're watching him, but he's not showing any fatigue or arm issues at all," said Padres manager Bud Black.