Headley finds bright side to injury

Headley finds bright side to injury

Headley finds bright side to injury
SAN DIEGO -- When an X-ray revealed a fractured little finger, Padres third baseman Chase Headley lamented his rotten luck.

Headley was having his best season until he made an unlucky headfirst slide on Aug. 6.

As it turned out, the break wasn't such a bad thing. In the big scheme of things, "it was a blessing," Headley said on Saturday.

Being on the disabled list allowed him to be with his wife, Casey, late in her pregnancy while the Padres traveled, which Headley said created "peace of mind" for them both.

Thursday afternoon, Chase was in the San Diego hospital with Casey as she gave birth to their first child, Colt Jordan Headley.

"It was awesome," Headley said. "I've had a lot of cool feelings in my life, but that is far and away the best experience in my life."

Although he played quarterback in high school, Headley didn't name his son after quarterback Colt McCoy, the Cleveland Browns QB and former University of Texas star. "I've just always liked the name Colt," said Headley, who suggested the name to his wife.

His broken finger, meanwhile, "feels great," and Headley said he expects to resume baseball activities within a week and return to the lineup shortly after.

The 27-year-old will wear a hand guard on the basepaths and slide feet first on certain plays -- but he'll continue to dive into bases, saying he believes it gets him to the bag faster.