Forsythe adding shortstop to his repertoire

Forsythe adding shortstop to his repertoire

Forsythe adding shortstop to his repertoire
PEORIA, Ariz. -- On Saturday, the Padres have their first full-squad workout of the spring, which should essentially signal the start of a busy Spring Training for infielder Logan Forsythe.

Forsythe, a third baseman by trade, has added second base to his resume in the past two seasons and will now be asked to learn and play a third position -- shortstop.

The Padres are hoping to fill their reserve infield spot internally, and Forsythe will be in competition with Everth Cabrera and Andy Parrino for the job.

"I expected that this Spring Training -- I kind of know that's the plan," Forsythe said. "I know they like me at third and second. Now it's just a matter of how comfortable can I get at shortstop."

Forsythe played four games at shortstop with Triple-A Tucson and then played third base and second base last season while filling in for Chase Headley and Orlando Hudson. He did play one game at shortstop at the big league level.

Forsythe said he doesn't anticipate any big hurdles in playing the position. He's played there in the past and he believes his experience learning the second-base position will help him, especially with the plays around the bag.

"When I do work at short, I'm going to take the same mindset that I did at second, which is just to listen and see what they have say and then work at it," he said.