Maybin getting comfortable at the plate

Maybin getting comfortable at the plate

Maybin getting comfortable at the plate
PEORIA, Ariz. -- How happy was Padres center fielder Cameron Maybin about breaking out of an 0-for-12 funk at the plate with two hits on Monday?

"Oh goodness, it was great," Maybin said. "I almost wanted to ask for the ball. It's definitely the longest I have gone in spring without a hit."

Maybin had a home run to start the game in Scottsdale against the Rockies, getting deep into a fastball from Jeremy Guthrie and sending it over the left-field wall. Maybin later doubled in an 11-2 loss.

Those were the first two hits of Spring Training for Maybin, who agreed to a $25 million contract extension on March 3, a deal which could keep him in San Diego through 2017.

"It's a process and the good thing is I've been trying to work on some things, shortening up my stroke a little," Maybin said. "It's starting to come. I'm more worried about being comfortable first. I'd rather be going through it now than at the end of the month."

Maybin has been getting extra swings in the covered hitting area each morning with hitting coaches Phil Plantier and Alonzo Powell and feels like he's starting to find something that works for him.

"I've been swinging the bat better the last few days. My rhythm and timing have gotten a lot better. My mechanics are the best they've ever been as far as simplifying my swing and having a better chance," Maybin said. "I'm feeling better each day."