Brach focusing on making quality pitches

Brach focusing on making quality pitches

Brach focusing on making quality pitches
LOS ANGELES -- In the Minor Leagues, it was all too easy for Padres reliever Brad Brach to keep track of his success.

All he had to do was count his number of saves -- 112 of them, to be exact.

In his current role with the Padres, Brach's focus is squarely on making quality pitches and getting outs.

Brach, who turned 26 on Thursday, hasn't allowed a run in his last two outings, permitting just one hit in 1 2/3 innings against the Dodgers and D-backs. That followed a rough outing on Opening Day when Brach allowed a two-run home run to Matt Kemp.

Brach has handed out three walks in those last two outings, though he thinks he's found a fix to that working with pitching coach Darren Balsley.

"I think I'm right there. I think I have been trying to be too fine, instead of just letting it go and trying to throw everything to the black," Brach said. "[Balsley] tells me that I'm a strike thrower, so that will take care of itself.

"We made a change the other day that I think is going to help me and will keep me in line a little more, being able to throw it straighter instead of cutting it."

Brach admits to making a mistake not uncommon with young pitchers -- occasionally getting caught up in trying to be too fine with his pitches.

"I'm trying to make the perfect pitch instead of a good pitch," Brach said.