Street recalls time with Rockies fondly

Street recalls time with Rockies fondly

DENVER -- Closer Huston Street made his return to Coors Field Tuesday, coming into a critical eighth-inning situation with the Padres down by one, two Rockies on base and nobody out. He let up a hit and a sacrifice fly, striking out two while letting two inherited runners score in his homecoming to the park he pitched in for three seasons, accumulating 84 saves for the Rockies.

"Returning to the stadium, seeing all my old teammates, my coaches, Dan [O'Dowd, general manager] -- that was special," Street said. "The game was the game. The game is serious. I'm out there to win. It didn't really evoke any emotion going out there other than I'm competing. But coming back absolutely was special. It's a place I still hold in super-high regard. It's a great thing, because I enjoyed my time here."

In four appearances this year, Street's had one save opportunity, which he converted successfully. He came into two tied games and Tuesday's tight game, and has yet to be charged with a run.

"The ball's coming out nicely," Street said. "It's a long season. You want to make every pitch you can make. It's really early, and I want to feel good, and I felt good so far.

"I've enjoyed it here [with the Padres]. It's a new place, it's a new adventure, it's a new set of guys you get to meet and relationship you get to build and forge. At the same time, I do look back nostalgically, and I'm appreciative of all the times I've spent in the other two organizations I've been in, because they get you to where you're at. Denver is a great city, but what makes it special are the people and my teammates and the coaches. All the rest is just baseball."