Volquez shrugs off unlucky winless start

Volquez shrugs off unlucky winless start

SAN DIEGO -- It hardly seems fair, but in each of his last two starts, Padres pitcher Edinson Volquez has allowed one run in 14 innings. So what does he have to show for those 197 pitches? Two no-decisions.

Reliever Andrew Cashner, who followed Volquez in each of those two starts, has thrown a combined 23 pitches in those two appearances yet has picked up victories in both games, including Tuesday's 2-0 win over the Brewers when Mark Kotsay hit a two-run home run in the eighth inning.

Sound fair?

"I'm going to get him [Cashner]," Volquez joked after the game. "He took my win again."

Heading into Wednesday's game against the Brewers, Volquez was the only Major League pitcher with six starts who hasn't won a game yet. The other pitchers include Seattle's Felix Hernandez (2-1), Oakland's Bartolo Colon (3-2), Oakland's Brandon McCarthy (1-3) and Seattle's Jason Vargas (3-2).

"They're going to get me a win," Volquez said of his teammates. "I'm not worried."