Padres refute report of infighting in 2011

Padres refute report of infighting in 2011

Padres refute report of infighting in 2011
PHILADELPHIA -- San Diego third baseman Chase Headley and manager Bud Black on Friday flatly refuted an article Thursday that said there was a scuffle between players last season following a team meeting.

The article stated that there was a scuffle between outfielder Ryan Ludwick, Headley and reliever Mike Adams, who apparently stated his dissatisfaction with players complaining about the dimensions of the Padres home ballpark, Petco Park.

"Ninety-eight percent of what was said in that article was 100 percent false," Headley said. "There was no scuffle, no names [called]. Mike said that we needed to be focused on winning and not the ballpark. But that was it. There was no response.

"It was a big surprise to me to read that."

Black said he called a meeting early last season after the team got off to a slow start and then asked if any of the players wanted to add anything. That's when Adams spoke up.

"Mike said what he said and that was it," Black said. "For me, it was a non-story."

Headley, who counted Ludwick and Adams as good teammates who he never had issues with, said that he was disappointed that the article painted him in a negative light. Ludwick is now with the Reds and Adams is with the Rangers.

"It's disappointing to me," Headley said. "It makes me look like a jerk. That's not the person that I am."