Hundley showing skills at nabbing basestealers

Hundley showing skills at nabbing basestealers

WASHINGTON -- Catcher Nick Hundley entered Tuesday's game against the Nationals as the Major League leader in nabbing would-be basestealers, with 12 this season.

There are several factors why Hundley is posting a career-best 36.4 caught-stealing percentage, though it has little to do with how quickly he's able to deliver a throw to a defender ahead of a basestealer.

"We've worked with [pitchers] who are slower to the plate ... tried to speed them up," said manager Bud Black. "[Bench coach Rick Renteria] has worked with Nick on situations, and [special assistant] Brad Ausmus has worked with Nick on fundamentals, improving his accuracy."

Black said Hundley -- who didn't get the start Tuesday, a day game after a night game -- has made some big strides in slowing down and not rushing himself. The team has preached for Hundley to have good fundamentals, telling him that if he does that, everything else should take care of itself.

Hundley's 36.4 percent mark is the best during a career that started in 2008. In 2011, it was 30 percent, with marks of 21 percent in '10 and 15 percent in '09, which marked the first season he caught more than 70 games.

"I've put a lot of work into it, and I'm getting to a point where I've caught a lot of games, knowing what I want to do and not try too much," Hundley said. "When I was younger, I tried to force things. Now I'm letting it come to me, being smoother and under control."