Brach fondly recalls his Draft week

Brach fondly recalls his Draft week

SAN DIEGO -- One of Brad Brach's favorite times of the year is baseball's First-Year Player Draft, which concluded on Wednesday.

That's because it's a reminder to the Padres reliever of how far he's come: a 42nd-round Draft pick in 2008 to the big leagues and a spot in San Diego's bullpen.

Heck, these days, the Draft doesn't go beyond 40 rounds anymore, a point that wasn't lost on Brach, who has a 3.26 ERA in 21 appearances this season.

"I noticed that my number wasn't high enough to make the list," Brach said, smiling. "For me, when the Draft happens each year, it's always fun to look back on that day."

Brach was selected on the third and final day of the Draft, though he gave up waiting by the phone after the second day.

"That last day, I was mowing lawns with my brother," he said. "I was kind of feeling down because I had yet to be drafted. Luckily in the 42nd round, the name was called."