Hinshaw has reason to savor first win since '08

Hinshaw has reason to savor first win since '08

Hinshaw has reason to savor first win since '08
LOS ANGELES -- Lost in the wild finish of Saturday's 7-6 win was that Padres reliever Alex Hinshaw earned his first Major League victory in four seasons.

Better still for Hinshaw, it came for the team he grew up rooting for even though he essentially was raised in Dodgers territory in Claremont, Calif., which is about 45 minutes east of Dodger Stadium.

"Very cool," he said. "I wanted to keep a level head, especially with how we won the game, but to do that growing up a Padres fan ... that was great."

Hinshaw likes to tell the story of how one of his first experiences at a Major League game came at Dodger Stadium, a game that shaped his future allegiance.

"My father actually took me to my first baseball game and they were playing the Braves," Hinshaw said. "David Justice hit a home run and it bounced off my hand. I got booed and got stuff thrown at me by fans because I was cheering that I almost caught a ball.

"I guess that the Dodgers fans took it as I was cheering for David Justice. I was getting popcorn thrown at me. That was a sour note. The next game I went to there was against the Padres. I just sort of fell in love with their colors and fell in love with Tony Gwynn."

Prior to Saturday's victory, Hinshaw's last big league win was June 1, 2008, while he was pitching for the Giants. Oddly enough, that victory was against the Padres, as the Giants scored three runs in the 10th inning off closer Trevor Hoffman.