Hoffman enjoying roles in front office, on TV

Hoffman enjoying roles in front office, on TV

Hoffman enjoying roles in front office, on TV
CINCINNATI -- You can take the baseball from Trevor Hoffman, but you can't take Trevor Hoffman from baseball.

After 18 years in the Majors, Hoffman called it quits last January, but the retirement didn't keep the seven-time All-Star away from the game he loves.

Upon his retirement, Hoffman contacted the Padres and expressed his interest to stay involved as a part of the organization. Since then, he's slowly made a "smooth transition" into a role in the front office with San Diego.

"I think it's more strictly just kind of a title right now," Hoffman said. "For me, I wanted to stay in the game. It's what I know. [The organization] has given me that latitude to be on the field in Spring Training and see some of our Minor League affiliates and be involved in some Trade Deadline stuff. I am allowed to have the latitude to wear a lot of different hats."

Hoffman is also making daily appearances on TV, on both the pregame and postgame shows for Fox Sports San Diego.

After spending 16 years dealing with the San Diego media, Hoffman is now on the other side of things as a member of the media -- a job he said he is beginning to "feel his way around."

"When you're a player, you just kind of keep your head down and you go with what you know and try not to get involved with too many distractions that'll get you off your game," Hoffman said. "There is a whole other world in a lot of areas that are moving just as fast. I have a lot of appreciation for the job and the work that gets done around the ballclub."

It also can't hurt having the one of the greatest closers in baseball history around the clubhouse.

Manager Bud Black said he enjoys having Hoffman back around, adding him to the list of former Padres greats who stay involved with the club, like Dave Winfield, Tony Gwynn and Randy Jones.

"He's one of the greatest Padres of all time," Black said. "It's great to have Trev around as much as he can be around. It's great to have him in Spring Training and he pops into the stadium often. It's great to have him in this situation doing some television on a daily basis. Even though he has a job to do on the television set, there's still time for him to interact with the guys, so it's great."

Hoffman said he is keeping busy, but added that his new titles give him the best of both worlds, allowing him to stay involved in the game without being apart from his family.

"To have this ability to be around the game and keep my hand in it enough to fuel the animal, but then reconnect with my family on things that we were missing for a long period of time, it's been a nice balance," Hoffman said. "It's been great."