Vincent returns to San Diego bullpen

Vincent returns to San Diego bullpen

SAN DIEGO -- The Padres recalled righty reliever Nick Vincent from Triple-A Tucson to add another arm to their beleaguered bullpen Saturday. Vincent has made the trip from Tucson to San Diego a few times this year, as this will be the 26-year-old's fourth stint with the big league club.

Vincent, who is 1-0 with a 4.50 ERA in seven outings with the Padres this season, joins a bullpen that consists of several arms that have also made that Tucson-to-Petco-Park trek this year. Of the eight men in the Padres 'pen, only Luke Gregerson hasn't seen time in the Minors this year. And while Dale Thayer has stayed in San Diego since being recalled from Tucson on April 26, other young arms such as Brad Boxberger, Brad Brach, Cory Burns, Miles Mikolas and Vincent have all been back and forth at least twice this season.

"It's tough every time you go back and forth; you have to live out of a suitcase," Vincent said. "But you get more used to it. ... It's not too shocking anymore, because you know it's just something that could happen at any time."

Still, even if the shock and corresponding mental strain the fluidity creates may be wearing off as the Padres' relievers get used to going up and down, the logistics of the move don't get any easier.

Vincent explained that the players are given seven days in a hotel when called up. If they're up longer, they have to find a place of their own. Given the unpredictability of the Padres' pitching personnel this year, that can be a stressful process.

"If you're here longer than that, you see if you can find a place or stay with somebody," Vincent said. "Brach's got a place, a couple of other guys have places. ... They can help you out."