Forsythe feels his swing developing power

Forsythe feels his swing developing power

Forsythe feels his swing developing power
SAN DIEGO -- Just because Logan Forsythe is a middle infielder without the greatest pedigree as a power hitter doesn't mean he can't hit home runs.

On Saturday, Forsythe connected for his fourth home run of the season (in 237 at-bats), a career high after he didn't hit any in 150 at-bats with the team last season.

Forsythe, who hit a grand total of 19 home runs in three seasons playing for the University of Arkansas, thinks there's more power in his swing than ever before.

"With the way my swing is developing, I think the power is coming," said Forsythe, who hit a combined 11 home runs in 480 at-bats in two Minor League stops in 2009, his biggest single-season total as a professional.

Forsythe, who has mostly seen time at second base this season, said that he's benefited from seeing pitchers for a second and even third time this season. Also, Forsythe said he's done a better job of "picking his spots to do damage."

"Early in the game, you're up there trying to get your knocks," he said. "But the more you see a guy ... the more you know what he has. It's not going up there wondering what they're trying to do. So it [power] starts coming out more and more in swings."

Forsythe worked in January in his home state of Tennessee with hitting coach Phil Plantier, who also worked with Chase Headley on the same trip.

"It's a result of the work we've put in," Forsythe said of his power surge, be it as it may. "For me, it all starts with having a good path to the baseball."