Reliever Brach working almost too quickly this spring

Reliever Brach working almost too quickly this spring

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Padres reliever Brad Brach has had a slight problem this spring, one that he certainly could live with in the regular season.

He's been too efficient, if that makes sense.

Brach, unscored upon in his first five outings -- covering five innings -- has used 56 pitches, slightly over 10 per outing. In the regular season, Brach would be perfectly fine with such effectiveness.

But for now, during Spring Training?

"It's been a little difficult because in some of the outings, I felt I wasn't able to work on the things that I wanted to," Brach said. "But it's one of those things where you're getting outs, you can't really control it."

Brach has thrown mostly fastballs thus far, though not because he's steering clear of using his offspeed pitches. He's worked so quickly that he hasn't been able to delve too deep into his repertoire.

"A few times, I wish I could have thrown a few more breaking balls," he said.

Brach, who allowed 11 home runs in 67 games last season, has been pleased with the way he has been able to bury his fastball in the strike zone.

"I've been trying to keep everything down and elevate when I have to," he said.

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